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RT @shifrarifka: tis the season for folks in relationships to cling tightly to their partners while simultaneously taking them for granted,…
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RT @jaywritchie: just opened with poetry for a drag show in buffalo, don’t let anyone tell you a creative writing degree can’t take you any…
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RT @jandralee: How to Support Authors Without Spending Any Money: - Review the book on Amazon - Review the book...anywhere - Follow them…
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“This was the year @Beyonce wore a dress made entirely from the sounds of thunder and lightning.” Possibly our favo…
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Metatron is an independent publisher based in Montreal that specializes in contemporary literature by new and emerging authors. We are devoted to publishing perspectives that reflect the experiences and sensibilities of our time, seeking out emotionally resonant work that challenges and informs a new direction and style of contemporary writing.







If you’d like to submit writing to our blog ÄLPHÄ: 
Please use Metatron’s Submittable. We specifically encourage submissions from queers, femmes, bipoc, lgbtq, trans/gender nonconforming, people with (dis)ability/ies*, women and any one else living on the margins. Our next reading period will be in October.


If you’d like to submit a manuscript:
We are currently not accepting manuscript queries. Please keep in mind that we publish 6-8 titles a year.


If a book you want to buy is sold out:
We publish pocketbooks in limited edition print runs (250-500 copies). We are currently working on making all our publications available to download straight from our site, so that everyone can enjoy the amazing titles we’ve had the honour of publishing.


If you’d like to show us some love:
If you enjoy what we do and appreciate this space we’ve created for contemporary writing, please consider supporting us by sending us an email of support and encouragement, giving us a shout-out on social media, signing up for our newsletter, making a purchase in our web-shop, or making a donation to us at:


If you’d like to order some of our titles for your store:
Please reach out to us! We are always looking to collaborate with independent bookstores :)  We provide retailer discounts.


If you are a human being:
We love you. You’re doing it.




Librairie Drawn & Quarterly

211 Bernard O
Montreal, Quebec


1426 Rue Beaudry
Montreal, Quebec

The Word

469 Rue Milton
Montreal, Quebec

Concordia Co-Op Bookstore

2150 Rue Bishop
Montreal, Quebec

Argo Bookshop

1915 Rue Sainte-Catherine O
Montreal, Quebec


6534 Boul. St-Laurent
Montreal, Quebec

Citizen Vintage

5330 Boul. St-Laurent
Montreal, Quebec

Type Books

883 Queen St. W
Toronto, Ontario

Likely General

389 Roncesvalles Ave.
Toronto, Ontario


281 Augusta Ave.
Toronto, Ontario

Lost & Found

2383 Agricola St.
Halifax, NS


1282-B Wellington St. W.
Ottawa, Ontario

Open Sesame

220 King St. W
Kitchener, Ontario

The Printed Word

69 King St. W
Dundas, Ontario


120 20th St. SW
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Shelf Life Books

100-1302 4th St. SW
Calgary, Alberta

Undercover Books

10253 97 St. NW
Edmonton, Alberta

The Paper Hound Bookshop

344 West Pender St.
Vancouver, B.C.
V6B 1T1


Blue Building, 305-B Campbell St.
Tofino, BC


McNally Jackson

52 Prince St.
New York, New York

Berl’s Brooklyn Poetry Shop

126A Front St.
Brooklyn, New York

Powells Books

1005 W Burnside
Portland, OR

Moe’s Books

2476 Telegraph Ave
Berkeley, CA




Small Press Distribution



We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts,
which last year invested $153 million to bring the arts to Canadians throughout the country.