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RT @opensesameKW: <3 @FLAREfashion's #HowIMadeIt, esp. intvws w/ @vivekshraya + @metatronpress's Ashley Opheim, whose books we carry: https…
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The power of community is the magic we all seek.
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✨Our founder + managing editor @ashleyobscura is in this great @FLAREfashion feature about powerful Canadian women✨
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RT @casonsharpe: don't understand why they had to be teenagers AND mutants AND ninjas AND turtles
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Alasdair Rees

I have been made to cry in the fridge section of the Pharmaprix by a bottle of sparkling water. The luxe brand from Norway that comes in the big cylindrical...

Emma Cohen

what kind of person does it make me to cry at the horizon or even say the word horizon or even think about the idea of a horizon? the horizon can only...

Em Ya’akov Liberman

heavy biking euphoria. can't stop twitching. it's like twitch plays pokemon, except instead of pokemon you just twitch uncontrollably and shitpost [day 26]...

Rose Knapp

Roses burn Silver glints Slices smoke Into projections Some call history...

Christopher S. Bell

When you first came along, you made more sense than the others. As you cradled me and all of their eyes shot towards us, I understood. No matter...

Aja Moore

My best friend with whom I ate the weed before I left the city sends me a meme about when ur trying to have a conversation but then the edibles kick in and...

Lora Mathis

while I am a river whose loss is building a whole new canyon in the mountain of myself....

Sean Nicholas Savage

i want you to relax close the third eye silence your sixth sense drop your weapons forget the future for the moment...

Maya Martinez

— and that chair? — that chair is mine, I sit on it — and the sun? — everything is mine because I say so...

Stephanie Barber

andy was disgusted with joseph’s use of felt and wax and just the whole viscosity of his poetry. his whole haptic thing....

Melanie Power

“it was a summer of street closures,” they’ll say of Montreal 2017....