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😭 honoured as fuck to be getting messages like this
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RT @Rebecca_Bates: In her essay "Sex and the Sick Girl" for @WeAreSweet, @lizbowhunter writes frankly about chronic illness and desire. htt…
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RT @theebigsir: I was among those !!ing when @lizbowhunter read from SUGARBLOOD (@onmetatron) at @berlspoetry. This essay has the same effe…
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Can you feel that? The 4ever expanding void of beingness that is linked to everything including the looming deadline of The Metatron Prize?
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RT @JustAlasdair: Let's talk abt how gr8 the subtitle for The @onmetatron Prize is ~ FOR RISING AUTHORS ~ I mean come on. Submit fast - I'l…
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METATRON | A Selection Of Tweets From Andrew Duncan Worthington’s Account
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A Selection Of Tweets From Andrew Duncan Worthington’s Account

22 Jul A Selection Of Tweets From Andrew Duncan Worthington’s Account



This Saturday (July 25th), Metatron is presenting Steve Roggenbuck, Andrew Duncan Worthington, Maggie Lee & more at Librairie Drawn & Quarterly.

If you don’t know Andrew, he lives in New York City, is the founding editor of KEEP THIS BAG AWAY FROM CHILDREN & the author of the novel Walls, published last year by CCM. For a quick overview of Walls, we recommend “Spotlight on Andrew Worthington’s Walls” over at Entropy.

In anticipation of Saturday’s event, we’re presenting on the blog a short selection of tweets from Andrew’s account (@simplywortho).


June 14
every once in a while while watching the nba finals I have to yell at the screen, or else I feel like I’m not watching the nba finals

June 10
recurring daydream wherein I get an email with a job offer that I’ve really been hoping for, but it goes to my spam folder, and I never see it

May 16
what if we’re all just hyperlinks and the people clicking on us hate how many popup ads there are

Dec 20
there’s a point while browsing netflix dramas when you are far enough down that you only see tom selleck movies

Oct 24
I’ll have 1 medium black coffee, 1 banana, 1 lemon-filled donut, and the rest of my life back

Aug 25
when god gives you lemons, make sure they’re organic

July 25
looking through really old gchats, noticed I used to say “coolio” all the time online

June 16
my method of making friends is to find people as or more shy and weird and get them to think I’m cool, which is also what cult leaders do

June 5
never realized cats know how to play “hard to get”

May 29
I don’t need a get-rich-quick scheme, but if anyone knows a make-a-living-wage-quick scheme that’d be great

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