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Damn, we got 102 submissions to ÄLPHÄ's first issue! Going to be 🔥🔥🔥
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RT @FawnCGParker: My poem "Golden Rays of Chemo" is in The Puritan this issue:
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Metatron authors @drunkandalive @FawnCGParker and @alex_icon all have new work in the latest issue of @thepuritan.…
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METATRON | An Indoor Kind of GirlFrankie Barnet
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An Indoor Kind of Girl

Frankie Barnet

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Never in your life have you heard anyone talk so explicitly about masturbating with the bathroom faucet.



#1 on National Post Books‘ best-seller list for fiction for the week of September 2nd!


An Indoor Kind Of Girl veers from fading friendships to scheming call centres with an occasional sense of absurdity and also a kind of hyper-real real. Barnet’s narrators have a sharp eye for all that goes around them and they judge their own actions and others’ with a combination of ruthless honesty and vulnerability.”

– Melissa Bull, author of Rue


“As I read, everything hit me at once; the quick prose and real characters, the humour of it, and this sort of sadness, loneliness.”

– Soliloquies Anthology


“A very powerful writer”

– The Link




Someone at a party describes you as an “indoor kind of girl.” What does that even mean? You don’t know, but you spend the following week obsessing about it. You watch three seasons of Keeping Up with the Kardashians in two days. You get a pet turtle. You absent-mindedly paint what ends up looking like your high school’s football coach, but naked. You go backpacking in Australia for a few months. You try speaking with a New York accent in public, just to see if people like that version of you better. The comment still haunts you. An “indoor kind of girl.” You feel like you’re that person, but you’re not that person.


In Frankie Barnet’s exquisite and funny debut collection of stories, characters stumble through their daily existence, frequently feeling confused, rejected, bored, disillusioned or misunderstood. Metatron is proud to present these five stunningly imaginative tales, which signal the arrival of a gifted writer.


Frankie Barnet is a Montreal- based writer. Her work has appeared in publications such as Joyland, Lemonhound and Papirmasse, and she is the author of the 2012 chapbook Something Disgusting Happening. She is a graduate of the Creative Writing program at Concordia University.


Frankie’s Twitter



72 pages
First edition, first printing
Cover art by Louise Reimer



Press & Reviews


“This is the millennial experience distilled into literary form.”

– Tom Ingram, The Winnipeg Review


“[H]ard to put down.”

– Sina Queyras, The Walrus


“Outrageous and hilarious.”

– Rosamund, Goodreads


“Shocking and familiar.”

– Julianna, Goodreads


“Barnet has the dark sense of humor of George Saunders mixed with the bizarre attraction of Miranda July.”

– Daphné Cheyenne of Drawn & Quarterly


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