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Damn, we got 102 submissions to ÄLPHÄ's first issue! Going to be 🔥🔥🔥
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RT @FawnCGParker: My poem "Golden Rays of Chemo" is in The Puritan this issue:
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Metatron authors @drunkandalive @FawnCGParker and @alex_icon all have new work in the latest issue of @thepuritan.…
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METATRON | Looking Good andHaving a Good TimeFawn ParkerSOLD OUT
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Looking Good and
Having a Good Time

Fawn Parker

$13.00 Out of stock

I exited the airport wearing Love wrapped around me and belted at the waist (Love was an Urban Outfitters culturally-appropriating kimono). My mother pulled up, crying proud and astonished tears. I sprinkled handfuls of love on the heads of a row of bowing children. An emaciated old man crouched at my feet and I rubbed some love into his temples.



“These four stories etch out the topography of modern estrangement with a diamond-cutter’s tools. Wry, surprising, and seemingly effortless, Parker’s prose offers a glimpse into an uncanny world where the familiar slow-dances with the absurd and comes away with sweaty—and indelible—handprints on its jeans. An assured and remarkable debut.”

– Anna Leventhal, author of Sweet Affliction



Cohabitation with John Travolta; a never-ending Canadian Shield; the ghost of Steve Jobs wailing from a cracked iPhone 3; the stories in Parker’s Looking Good and Having a Good Time are sharp, delightful, surprising, and, most importantly, never boring. Parker’s characters engage awkwardly with the world around them, while her vivid imagination and sense of humor allow them to reach dizzying heights.


Fawn Parker is a writer from Toronto. She studies creative writing and English literature at Concordia University in Montreal. Her work has been published in Joyland, Hobart, and The Quietus. This is her first book.


64 pages
First edition, first printing
Cover art by Louise Reimer



Press & Reviews


“Parker’s writing is characterized by a very dry brand of humour that takes you by surprise. Looking Good and Having a Good Time is an energetic read.”

– Broken Pencil


“Parker makes fun of her generation, and of contemporary literature. Magical realism has arrived in millennial Montreal.”

– Montreal Review of Books


“As I was reading Looking Good and Having A Good Time […] I found myself giggling line after line.”

– The Link


“i am a person who feels.  i am a person who thrives on emotion.  what fawn parker has done is given me a space in which that is allowed.  she has made a weird little true world, which is better than my own, because it is always honest.”

– Probably Crying Review





Vacation with My Mother
Looking Good And Having A Good Time
Judith, Judith