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It's all happening! Pre-orders will be available this Monday October 3rd!
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METATRON | Teen Surf Goth by Oscar d’Artois
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Teen Surf Goth by Oscar d'Artois

teen surf goth

Teen Surf Goth by Oscar d’Artois


Are you ready? Here's the scary part: you already are you.

“Teen Surf Goth is a book of fantasy built on internet dreams and nostalgia for what never existed: the fantasy of an eternal American youth, the wish that love can save us, the dream that who we were on mushrooms was the real self, the hope that we can practice for death. This book is a re-projection of the images projected on us every day. It's also an affirmation that, as misguided as we are, we too deserve poetry. ”
-Melissa Broder, aka @sosadtoday

“Come thru, come all—see the Teen Surf Goth in its unnatural habitat. See it too grown up for The Ataris, panic-eating peanut butter, too smart to avoid undercutting its carbonated immaturity, too aware of love to take the top bunk out to sea forever. Oscar Bruno d'Artois’s debut slings Tumblr standup on the frontend, then shyly proffers fear and sweetness on the DL.”
-Mike Young, author of Sprezzatura

“This is a poetry book right?”
-Peter BD, internet artist


Teen Surf Goth is a first-hand account of life lived in an existential daze. From Bushwick to Berlin, d'Artois's peripatetic search for poetic consciousness and metaphysical bliss is constantly waylaid by nut butters, memes, drugs, and self-doubt.

Oscar d'Artois was born in 1989 in Paris, France. He currently lives in Berlin, Germany.


88 pages
First edition, first printing
Cover design by Guillaume Morissette



Winner of The Beachies Best Poetry Collection of 2015

“Oscar d’Artois’ first poetry collection, Teen Surf Goth captures a fast life lived in an existential daze with a pop-punk, poetic consciousness that feels equal parts inspired by Nicki Minaj and Arthur Rimbaud.” —DAZED Digital: The alt-lit names to look out for in 2016

December Mixtape : Music to Teen Surf Goth By via Electric Literature

Indie Berlin [Interview]

“Oscar D’Artois’s fantastically-titled Teen Surf Goth has been described by Melissa Broder as “a book of fantasy built on internet dreams and nostalgia for what never existed.” That sounds mightily promising; plus: it’s called Teen Surf Goth. What’s not to like?” —Vol. 1 Brooklyn: October 2015 Books Preview

“Oscar D’ Artois uses reality as a punching bag and beats the living hell out of it.” —Beach Sloth



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